Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Dec 13 2009: WALK PASA BOUGE at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NYC

- WALK – PASA – BOUGE is visually designed to expand and refract literary texts, weaving disparate sources and forms into a seamless theatrical whole between all performers. The show is partly improvised, fusing electronic music with visuals created using both traditional techniques and digital technologies. Using highly unique and unusual setups, the visual artists may be following the music or creating a separate line of parallel play with the aerialist, to be viewed by the multi-tasking mind of the 21st century viewer.
Laia Cabrera (visual artist and independent film-maker from Spain, based in New York)
Maite San Juan (aerial artist and actress from Barcelona, based in Brussels)
Isabelle Duverger (photographer and designer from Paris based in NY)
Brice Malahude ( musician and sound designer from Paris, based in Brussels)

Poster design and photography © 2010 Isabelle Duverger

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