Friday, May 22, 2009

June 8th, 2009: "Until There", Laia Cabrera, For Feather and Isabelle Duverger

June 8, 2009 at 7:00pm
“Until There”: Laia Cabrera with For Feather
Catalan Video-Artist performs live with
Brooklyn Indie Rock Band For Feather
and French Illustrator Isabelle Duverger
$7, $10 Minimum
“Until There” starts with images and movement as a visual storytelling, a sensual journey of the imaginary world of the filmmaker and visual artist, Laia Cabrera. Four screens with two video streams will surround you with a unique visual experience of timelessness and human landscape. She uses a variety of media: projected imagery merging cinematic arts, dance, photography, theater, visual arts, writing etc... As a part of the performance, Laia Cabrera will be working with visuals and drawing animation by Isabelle Duverger projected live in conjunction with indie pop/rock For Feather. The band has mastered the art of turning the mundane into the marvelous. Quirky melodies pull rather than push the listener, keeping things light with spacious harmonies evoking the early Beatles.

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