Friday, August 12, 2011

On MBF TrendTalk's "The Musical Hybrid" article

Two days ago was published on MBF TrendTalk a great article on "The Musical Hybrid", featuring Alexander McQueen, Bjork, Universal Music Group, Apple and... Us. By us, I mean Laia Cabrera, Erica Glyn and me. What an honor to be associated with them!
It reviews the experience of the Record Release Listening Party of Static that occurred last month at Flux that I have mentioned in earlier posts, and our previous work together, and the impact of collaboration.

"Collaboration and integration are key trends not only within the fashion industry, but relevant in all businesses and professional fields. One of the latest shifts in the music world, for example, is the development of a multi-media experience, pairing visuals, music, fashion and art, to create an interactive sensory-stimulating experience for the audience. Creating what we call a “musical hybrid,” music has become more than just a song and is used more and more as a compliment to multiple media outlets, resulting in more intensified expressions of particular feelings or emotions.

Ending on a more personal note, we at MBF Trend Consulting were most inspired to write this post by the recent record launch event of musician, composer, and producer, Erica Glyn. Debuting her latest album "Static," Glyn collaborated with filmmaker and video artist, Laia Cabrera (whom we mentioned in our previous posts). Hosted at Flux Studios, a recording studio in NYC's East Village, the entire record was played first-hand on a high-quality studio sound system to a selected live audience.

Laia Cabrera and animator/ installation-maker Isabelle Duverger created a cinematic atmosphere to compliment Glyn's music. The three have been collaborating for many years, incorporating and enhancing each other's work. Together, they have crafted a special skill of bringing a profound musical and visual moment that truly penetrates the audience members, leaving the crowd speechless and mesmorized. Erica Glyn's new album is written, recorded, and produced solely by the artist, with contributions from a collection of well-respected artists. For more info on purchasing the album, please click here." MBF TrendTalk, 8/10/2011

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